Tri Tyler Half Volunteers

 Volunteer Coodinator:  Carole Burroughs,

 We are in need of volunteers for multiple areas of the Tri Tyler Half.  Tyler has become an outstanding area for endurance events and races.  However, we can’t make it happen without our many volunteers who are committed to excellence.  Please consider being a part of the 3rdAnnual Tri Tyler Half, Olympic & Sprint.

Areas where volunteers are needed are as follows:

Transition area (Coordinator:  Kristin Blaise) -
We need 8-10 volunteers to help monitor this area.  Athletes will check in and they are the ONLY ones allowed to remove their bicycle from this area.  We need constant supervision to ensure bike security. 


Swim(Coordinator:  Brad Farris) – The swim for this event is 1.2 miles long.  We need 20-30 volunteers/kayaks and 5 jet skis  and 10 wet suit strippers.   If you have a Kayak or Jet Ski this is the most important area of the Tri Tyler Half to monitor.  Each athlete enters the water and we MUST make sure they exit the water as well. 


Bike Course (Coordinator:  David Starrett) – The route is 62 miles long and consist of the hardest half iron bike course in Texas.  We will need 40 flaggers for this area.  Volunteers will be stationed at all turns and there will be water hand up areas as well.  In critical areas of the course we will have law enforcement support to guarantee safety. 

Run Course (Roger Pierce) – The run courses are 13.1, 6.2 & 3.1  miles long and we will need volunteers for water and Gatorade hand ups on these courses. We will need 25-30 volunteers. 


Other areas where volunteers are needed:

PacketPickup (Coordinator: Megan Riaz) – needs  5 volunteers on Saturday the day before the event from 10am – 6pm. 


Parking (Coordinator:  Roland Bailey) – We need approximately 8-10 volunteers to assist with parking early the day of the event.  Parking personnel will need to be onsite at 5:00am until the event begins. After that time we ask some of you to move to other volunteer positions if you are available.   The Parking coordinator is Roland Bailey. 

MedicalPersonnel   (Coordinator: Dr David Flynn – Safety Coordinator: Donna Doyle) – We need any doctors or RN nurses to set up a triage area.  This area is vital to the health of our athletes.  This area will need the capability to administer fluid IV’s for those in distress.  The event will not be a success if we do not strongly monitor our athletes to make sure they are not in any danger once they finish the event.   Any physicians volunteering in triage will be included as a sponsor of this race.  The medical area coordinator is Dr. David Flynn. 


Finish Medal - We need 3 people who can handle giving out the finishing medals once the athlete crosses the line.  This portion of the event is lengthy as you will be in the same area until the event is finished.  You will need to watch for athletes who cross the line who also need medical attention.  If an athlete looks in distress we would want you to seek attention for them immediately.


Setup/Tear down (Coordinator: Alan Harris/Steve Farris) – We will need 10-20 volunteers to assist in set up the day before the event.  Tear down begins as soon as the last swimmer exits the water and continues once the event is complete. 


Timing chip (Coordinator) – We will need 5 volunteers in this area to assist with the timing chip personnel. 


Food Service – (Coordinator:  Kelly Boucher/Roland Bailey) - Approximately 4 volunteers are needed to assist.

Announcer – John Cobb, Cobb Cycling

We will  meet with all volunteers the evening before the event to hand out volunteer t-shirts, give further structions,  answer any questions, and  volunteers will need to sign a USAT volunteer waiver.  All volunteers the day of the event will have post race food & drink available to them.


If you can assist in any of these areas please contact me at

Thank you and we look forward to the 4th Annual Tri Tyler Half, Olmpic & Sprint distance triathlons.