Finisher medals will be awarded to all finishers.

Finisher long sleeve shirts (76.3) will be issued at finish line, finisher mag. bumper sticker 76.3

AWARDS....Pro/Elite--three  deep M/F

AWARDS..... Aquabike, Relay, Clydesdale, Athena & Age Group. Three deep. M/F

Masters & Grand Masters, First Place M/F



                                              PRIZE MONEY (HALF)


Available to Pro's & amateurs

1st Overall Male & Female        $500 ea.

2nd Overall Male & Female        $300 ea.

3rd  Overall Male & Female        $200 ea.

4th  Overall Male & Female         $100 ea.



                          PRO/ELITE DIVISION

 Signing up in the PRO/Elite division will mean you are not eligable for age group, Masters or Grandmasters awards. You only qualify for overall awards/money.

There will be a separate wave start beginning at 7:30 am for pro/elites

This division will be limited to 20 entries (first come, first serve). The Pro/Elite division is open to those who want to compete in the Elite field. No certificate is required due to the purse amount. PRO/ELITES ARE ONLY ELIGABLE FOR OVERALL AWARDS. THERE WILL BE NO DUPLICATION OF AWARDS. 


                                            AWARDS (OLYMPIC & SPRINT)

Finisher medals will be awarded each finisher

Awards three  deep in Overall M/F

$100 to 1st overall male & female of the Olympic & Sprint

 Age Group, Relay, Athena, Clydesdale, Aquabike---three deep M/F

Masters & Grand Masters, First Place M/F