Finisher medals will be awarded to all finishers.

Finisher T-shirts will be issued at finish line.

AWARDS....Pro/Elite--three + deep M/F

AWARDS..... Aquabike, Relay, Clydesdale, Athena & Age Group. Three deep, minimum. M/F

Masters & Grand Masters, First Place M/F


                                              PRIZE MONEY (HALF)

In accordance with USAT rules governing prize money, cash purse is limited to $4,999, when allowing age groupers as well as Pro/Elites to be  eligable for prize money. Cash will be awarded to the top winners, up to that limit. After that, prizes will be awarded in leu of cash. Breakdown of payout is as follows:

1st Overall Male & Female        $1,499.99 ea.

2nd Overall Male & Female        $700 ea.

3rd  Overall Male & Female        $300 ea.

4th  Overall Male & Female         Free entry next year



                          PRO/ELITE DIVISION

 Signing up in the PRO/Elite division will mean you are not eligable for age group, Masters or Grandmasters awards. You only qualify for overall awards/money.

There Will be a sparate wave start beginning at 7:30 am for pro/elites

This division will be limited to 20 entries (first come, first serve). The Pro/Elite division is open to those who want to compete in the Elite field. No certificate is required due to the purse amount. PRO/ELITES ARE ONLY ELIGABLE FOR OVERALL AWARDS. THERE WILL BE NO DUPLICATION OF AWARDS. 


                                            AWARDS (OLYMPIC & SPRINT)

Finisher medals will be awarded each finisher

Awards three + deep in Overall M/F

 Age Group, Relay, Athena, Clydesdale, Aquabike---three deep M/F

Masters & Grand Masters, First Place M/F