About TriTylerHalf

For years I have travelled the state doing long distance triathlons. I began to realize that the key ingredients for that perfect Tri were right here in my own backyard. This got the wheels rolling.

Hi, My name is Steve Farris. I will be your race director, Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at our fourth annual Tri Tyler Half, Olympic, & Sprint. I have competed in numerous sprints, Olympic, 70.3  & full Ironman events. I am USAT certified in race directing. I have been race director for the Rose City Tri, the past seven years.

After getting into triathlon about 15 years ago, I've learned to appreciate what a triathlon can do for a person. I've seen it for myself & countless others I've been closely involved with. I've also come to understand that some triathlons rise above others. 

A team of triathletes & myself have designed  courses that live up to the standards of a premier Half iron course. After completion of this course we hope that feeling of accomplishment will linger, long after the legs come back. We are excited about our Olympic & Sprint as they are very beginner friendly. We know it's still early in the season. This will be an option for those not quite ready for the Half.  

On behalf of the race coordinators & myself, we wish you the best of luck this year, in both training & competition.